A Letter from Morton Blackwell

August 29, 2012 10:30 am

The Republican party just shot themselves in the foot with the “top-down” hikacking of the national convention rules and the over riding of the several states choosing their delegates to represent them every 4 years (electing the GOP presidential candidate).

The shennanigans were wide spread but here’s a letter from Morton Blackwell, a longtime fighter for individual rights, and a respected leader in the GOP party….

http://www.rlc.org/2012/08/26/a-letter-from-morton-blackwell-to-rnc-delegates/ (Aug 26, 2012)

Here’s the call for a vote to adopt the hijacked rlues. Boehner refused to allow the requested “roll call” vote on the new rules, AND Rules Committee Chair Sununu refused to allow a “minority report” to be read. Would you call this a bottom-up organization, or more of the top-down oppression? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GYjRXNtcxU

Don’t be surprised when Obama takes the popular vote in November. The GOP party just lost some longtime supporters that resent their voices being quashed by a few insiders.

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