Legislation; What Are the Consequences?

Legislation; What Are the Consequences?

1.      What is the purpose of Legislation?

2.      Do we have enough or too much legislation?

3.      How many laws do I violate every day, without my knowledge?

Legislation is nothing more than an activity that increases the size/scope, and cost to operate government with the sole purpose of restricting human activity and funding more government.

Think about it. Every piece of legislation mandates the following actions, (unless the legislation specifically repeals and does not replace previous laws):

  1. Restricts human activity
  2. Increases the size/ scope, and operating cost
    of government, via:

    1. Personnel to keep records of the legislation
      and violators (clerks; municipal, county, state, and federal)
    2. Personnel to enforce the legislation (law enforcement)
    3. Personnel to penalize the violators of
      legislation (judicial) through:

      1. Court costs
      2. Fines
      3. Imprisonment
      4. Loss of property via asset forfeiture

Think about all the real estate, office space, equipment,  payroll, and utility bills required to run government operations. Don’t forget about those pension and retirement plans that lure so many employees into government work – you the taxpayer are guaranteeing those retirement packages through property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, etc.  In Texas alone, we have 2700 courts and 3400 judges not to mention ALL of the clerks and staff to process the paperwork. Adding more legislation requires more clerks, law enforcement, and judicial staffing to penalize those pesky violators. How
many more “practicing” lawyers do we need for each new piece of legislation?

What about those 5 principles that seems to appear in most “conservative” activist groups across America:

* Fiscal Responsibility

* Limited Government

* Personal Responsibility

* Rule of Law

* National Sovereignty

And yet, most of these groups advocate for things like Voter ID, penalties for “sanctuary cities”, stiffer DUI penalties, and border security through more mandates and expenditures. While the original intent of many of these requests is honorable, the consequences and successes of past laws must be reviewed first.

Historical fact is:

Two (2) human characteristics throughout known history that have never been successfully controlled through legislation are:

1.) Morality

2.) Stupidity

Individually we may be frustrated with our neighbors and their particular beliefs or activities but, do we really want to ask for more legislation to direct the activities of ALL of our neighbors in hopes that the “stupid” or “immoral” neighbor will become compliant with what we define as moral and wise character? How much liberty and freedom are you willing to hand over to “government” in an attempt to control all human activity? Does this government control solve the problem?  We still have drunk drivers, drug
addicts, and we will still have employers and property owners willing to exchange or barter with “illegal” residents regardless of any sanctuary city legislation or E-Verify legislation. Both of these hot button issues penalize the municipal taxpayers and the business owners by mandating more government required filings and compliance. I know some reading this are blowing a gasket thinking I am pro drunk driving or pro illegal residents. Not true, and I won’t argue those points so please don’t comment on my stupid or immoral behavior.

My point here is to make individuals think about the next time we ask our city councils to create an ordinance restricting 6’ pink fences or our state legislators to write a law that requires employers and business owners to comply with filing yet another government form every time the sun rises.

We criticize the size of our government yet we continue to ask them to continue writing laws to protect us from ourselves. Which do we want – smaller government that allows more individual responsibility or larger government with less individual responsibility?

You only retain those rights you are willing to protect (fight for). Every inherent right requires a responsibility. When we pass a responsibility to the government, we hand over the right that belongs to it.

“As a mother once said, “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.”

Fight for the Rights you want to keep, let the others go to the highest bidder (trash ‘em).

-Barbara Harless

John Stossel’s Illegal Everything


2010 Texas GOP Platform:


Age of Consent – We support raising the age of consent
for consensual sex to 18 years.

 Will a law respecting this platform make all 17 year olds
abstain from consensual sex, or is this moral activity better left up to the 17
year old and their parents/guardians and church?



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