Vote for all the Republican judicial candidates for these reasons…

I’m sharing a good email from David Evans, Republican candidate for Texas Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 2 …


I write to urge you to support the entire conservative, Republican ticket from top to bottom. Specifically, to vote for all the Republican judicial candidates for these reasons.

My opponent told the Dallas Morning News that Democrats have watched the margin of votes narrow in 5th Court of Appeals races which was one of his reasons for deciding to run. The 5 Democrat candidates for the 5th Court of Appeals state in their blog (below) that they intend to take the 5th Court of Appeals as a stepping stone for Democrat Party advances in Collin County. (See below from —the highlighting is done by me). They also remind their voters that the 5th Court of Appeals reviews all the Collin County district, county and probate courts, implying that Democrat justices would apply their very different judicial philosophy to review and reverse the current Collin County Republican judges’ work. I think the contrast is stark between the Republicans and Democrats running for the 5th Court of Appeals. My opponent best exemplifies the contrast when he told the Dallas Morning News that he would fashion a remedy he thought was fair if he thought a statute’s clear remedy was unfair. Such legislating from the bench would cause confusion among the public, encourage litigation of even clear and unambiguous statutes and result in uncertainty for trial judges who could not know whether the 5th Court of Appeals would enforce statutes as written making trial judges’ jobs even more difficult than they already are.

I would appreciate it if you would let conservatives and Republicans in Collin County know this and encourage them to come out and vote down the entire ballot for Republicans. Complacency in Collin County at this time could cost Collin County much in the future. A simple message to voters such as, ‘vote for all the conservatives on the ballot and they have an “R” by their names,’ or more simply, ‘vote for all the Republican,’ is necessary. Rockwall County is approaching 50% straight ticket ‘R’ vote. I would urge Collin County to do the same and to get conservative voters out to the polls.

Thank you all for your great work to restore our country, state and county to a conservative, constitutional government.



Former Judge David Evans

for Fifth Court of Appeals Place 2

P.O. Box 224446

Dallas, TX 75222-4446

T: 214-991-0235

Pol. Adv. paid for by Former Judge David Evans Campaign;

Clyde Siebman, Treasurer, Former Chairman of the Grayson County Republican Party;

In compliance with the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act, the Code of Fair Campaign Practices

and the DBA Judicial Election Creed.

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