Levin’s Convention of the States is More Smoke & Mirrors

Mark Levin’s latest book is the hope & change for the GOP that Sen. Barack Obama was to the Democrats in 2008. It’s troubling to see how easily a desperate people can be fooled into more hope & change.

Reasons to oppose Levin’s convention are numerous. Her are five of them:

1.) The current government does not uphold the current constitution, why would they suddenly grow a conscience with another amendment?
Enforce the constitution we have now (that fits nicely in a shirt pocket) and then see what America looks like. Adding pages to it won’t make the People read it and hold government accountable to it, or make government understand it and limit their own powers.

2.) The delegates to an Article V Convention would be the same tyrants that ignore their Oath of Office and refuse to utilize and enforce the 10th Amendment, which allows for a collective authority without resorting to a constitutional convention.
Since there are not any written rules for an Article V Convention, it is reasonable to believe that the delegates would be the very same powerful and well-funded people currently running over the rights of the people. In Texas during the 83rd legislative session earlier this year, all strong nullification bills in Austin died in committees. They never came to the full legislative body for discussion or vote. The committee chairs (having power to quash bills in their committees) were appointed by the same tyrants who would likely be delegates to a constitutional convention (Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House). The legislators who can’t get good bills out of committees blame the committee chairs. The committee chairs blame the Speaker of the House and Lt. Governor. The Speaker and Lt. Governor blame the Governor, and the Governor claims the Texas Attorney General won’t enforce laws that have teeth against a federal tyrant. So if this is the lot of officials to represent Texas at a constitutional convention, there is no chance of producing an amendment that will recognize the rights of the People.

3.) Proposed Amendments are not ratified by popular vote (the People), but are ratified by state legislators.
Contrary to belief by those few who are awake and desiring to correct the course and float America’s sinking ship, historical precedence of ratifying proposed amendments to the U.S. constitution are decided by those same public officials who haven’t upheld the 10th Amendment, or the principles of liberty (legislators, Speaker of the House, Lt. 21st Amendment ratified_2Governor, Governor, and TX Attorney General). Of the 27 current Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, only one (1) was ratified by popular vote (you and me) – the 21st Amendment. All others were ratified by the same state officials that blame someone else for their impotence in enforcing the 10th Amendment and pushing back a tyrannical federal force.

4.) Those responsible for enforcing the current constitution will not enforce another amendment.
Contrary to another popular belief, our constitution is designed to limit government, not the People. This is how we have gone so far off course. The People do not study the constitution in our government schools and therefore do not know what the rules are or understand that electing the right people is not the answer to protecting individual interests. Even if it was, the poor showing at the polls is proof that 51% of those who do vote can remove the rights of the minority (49%), regardless of what subject is up for a vote (democracy, or mob rule). In a republic, certain inalienable rights are not negotiable through the ballot box. These inalienable rights are listed in the first 10 Amendments, which have not been altered or amended since their ratification in 1791. They still mean today what they did then – right?

5.) There are no rules for a current day constitutional convention.
With the current officials in office, it is not safe to allow a convention of tyrants to tamper with the constitution we have.

Levin trashes the thought that a current day convention of the states will be a runaway convention as the nay-sayers like me claim. Perhaps he’s correct, but exercise your common sense and consider these facts. The last constitutional convention of the states in this country was held in 1787 (Philadelphia) with delegates from the 13 states that were much more aware of tyrannical tendencies of men bestowed with power; 1787 Constitutional Conventionstatesmen like Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, among others. The delegates had instructions to meet and amend the national charter of that day (the Articles of Confederation). Here’s what happened…

The delegates threw out the press, met in secret, abolished the then current rules, and produced a whole new governing document (our current U.S. Constitution) with seven Articles that outlined:
1.) The enumerated powers of 3 branches of the federal government
2.) The duties of states to each other, and the federal government to the states, and the admission of new states & the changing of state boundaries
3.) New process of constitution Amendments (see item 5 below)
4.) US debts /Treaties / Supremacy / Oath of Office
5.) Ratification of Constitution (9 of 13 states; only 75% of state legislatures necessary to ratify as opposed to the then current 100% required under the Articles of Confederation)

Fortunately, the first 10 Amendments (Bill of Rights) was introduced in 1789 and in 1791 nullification became another way for states to exercise their collective authority over the federal government without resorting to a constitutional convention. Thomas Jefferson called it the “rightful remedy.”

Texas CapitolIf Texas doesn’t have:
1.) a state legislature that is going to pass legislation to exercise the 9th & 10th Amendments to push back against a tyrannical DC;
2.) a Governor that will sign strong 10th amendment bills passed in the legislature;
3.) and a state Attorney General that’s willing to go to bat for the People against federal and foreign tyrants;
…Then, what is supporting the People’s thought that sending these same Texas officials into a larger group of officials at a constitutional convention (thereby diluting their power & voice) will suddenly make them grow a spine and nullify all the federal violations of the Bill of Rights and repeal all the state legislation that they themselves perpetuated?

Our Governor, state legislators, and Attorney General have a huge amount of power in Texas as it is. Sending them into a convention of states will dilute their voice and power. What if the majority of states propose to abolish the 2nd Amendment, and Texas delegates vote against such action? What if such a proposal goes to the 50 state legislatures and passes the current required three-quarters of the 50 state legislatures? That’s just too bad for Texas or other “minority” voting delegates? This type of democracy (mob rule) is allowed to flourish and win over a republic. In a republic (our current governing document) certain issues are not allowed to be voted on or negotiated. Open your constitution and read it. We the People are responsible for policing our government. As one delegate (Benjamin Franklin) stated upon exiting the secret Philadelphia convention that forbid the press inside… we have a republic if the People can keep it.

Our Founders were more educated than our current high tech society with the information at our finger tips upon using keystrokes. Yet, we are addicted to the media for talking points and information that is perpetually eroding our republic. The media is owned and run by the same powerful one-world-government pimps that are working to erase our borders, erase our sovereignty, and erase our understanding of history so we can prepare to avoid past mistakes. These are the same well-funded entities that will most likely influence a current day constitutional convention, whether it be the elected officials or the corporate lobbyists that control them.

If you want to join forces with others who are in the trenches, watching and working with our government, and helping others learn how to do the same, sign up for our 2013-5-7 NTCL at Jeff Leach's officenewsletters and our blog at http://ntcl.org/ . We’re all at different levels in our learning curve but the North Texas Citizens’ Lobby is asking for your interest in learning how to be effective in returning our government to a republic and educate our neighbors and officials on the Founding Principles that once allowed America to flourish. We welcome your participation and renewed interest.

Without your voice, America is repeating the same actions that will render the same results. Our ship is sinking. Will you board the life boat and let her sink, or will you grab a bucket and start bailing? Take that first step and enforce the constitution we have now. Then, let’s look at another amendment.

More information on how an Article V Convention Threatens America:

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