Barbara Harless
Barbara is a 4th generation Dallas-site. As newlyweds, she and Mark moved to Murphy, TX in 1981. She is a retired security trader and proud of their successful adult children, but concerned about the future of America. She began studying the U.S. Constitution in the summer of 2008, to find where Congress has been granted the authority to take public money (taxes) and bailout a private company (AIG). She realized that 99% of what congress does is unconstitutional.

She was elected at large and served as vice-chair on her city’s 1st Charter Commission in 2003, and was appointed by the Murphy City Council to the 2010 and the 2016 Murphy Charter Review Commissions. She also chairs her city’s Ethics Review Commission. Barbara has been active in politics and the GOP party for 3 decades, and for the last 5 years she has worked with the North Texas Citizens Lobby; teaching Texans how to follow what their government is doing locally and in Austin by engaging voters in the legislation process. She believes that all power is local and all that ails America has to do with numerous violations of the Constitution for 100+ years. She wants to know; What will America look like when the Constitution is enforced?

Barbara understands that on June 21, 1788, We the People created a
federal government for the sole purpose of protecting the Peoples’ inherent
Right to Life, Liberty and Property. Congress was “granted” and charged
with limited and enumerated duties and powers (Article I U.S. Constitution). Not only has
Congress shirked most of those duties, but most present day congressional
acts are outside of those powers and duties specifically listed in the U.S. Constitution; therefore congress operates Un-constitutionally.

The Founding Fathers knew that governments are inclined to oppress individual inherent Rights, so they formed the continental congress of 1789 and submitted 12 proposed amendments to the first seven articles of our constitution (9-25-1789). Barbara considers that since our constitution has been amended 17 times since the ratification of the Bill of Rights (occurred 12-15-91), and not a single word in those first 10 amendments has been altered through time, that the Bill of Rights still mean exactly what they meant in 1789 to the Founders.

The Republic of the united States depends on a moral and educated People.
When “critical mass” has been educated on the Founding principles of
property ownership, the People will elect true constitutional representatives
and the Republic will live again.