Abbott Buys Into Deception Within the Con Con Movement

An article was published this week by, highlighting the deception behind our highest ranking Texas Republican; Gov. Greg Abbott.

Gov. Abbott appears to be sharing some lies spread by the Convention of States Project. Deception can be found in the repeated claim by COS, and now claimed by Gov. Abbott, that the late Justice Scalia was in favor of a con con. While that claim is partially correct, it is more lie than truth. Continue reading

2014 TX GOP Platform Adopted: Article V Convention/Amending Convention of States

They’re violating the constitution!
Let’s amend it!
That will teach them!

There is quite a bit of misunderstanding regarding the several efforts for a quick fix togop elephant reign in our federal government. The 2014 TX GOP platform that was adopted creates conflicting statements (as is common throughout the platform). The 2014 TX Republican Platform now reads: Continue reading

A Convention of States Will Not Fix America – part I

A Convention of States Will Not Fix America – part I

Many of the states’ older and more experienced leaders may have simply been too busy with the local affairs of their states to attend the Convention, which had originally been planned to strengthen the existing Articles of Confederation, not to write a constitution for a completely new national government.

1.) It is the Peoples’ duty Continue reading

Levin’s Convention of the States is More Smoke & Mirrors

Mark Levin’s latest book is the hope & change for the GOP that Sen. Barack Obama was to the Democrats in 2008. It’s troubling to see how easily a desperate people can be fooled into more hope & change.

Reasons to oppose Levin’s convention are numerous. Her are five of them: Continue reading