School Vouchers in Texas; more opinions and information…

The claimed object of private school vouchers is to break up the failing policies in public education (elementary and secondary), specifically targeting the inner-city children.  One should look at what other states have proposed to see how many variables Continue reading

QUESTIONS and CONCERNS on Private School Vouchers

I am concerned about the un-intended consequences of helping lower income families send their children to private k-12 campuses, over the long term.

  • Who will decide who gets a voucher?
    • The elected government body?
      • TX Legislators
      • County Appraiser
      • Local ISD Board
    • Some appointed/unelected bureaucrat?
      • State appointed Board
      •  County appointed board
      • Local appointed board
  • Will vouchers be offered to all children ages 4 through 18?

Texas Private School Vouchers

The academics in public education have eroded over the past 60 years but the consistent difference between public campuses and private ones is not the academics but more importantly it’s the social policies that Continue reading