A Convention of States Will Not Fix America – part I

A Convention of States Will Not Fix America – part I

Many of the states’ older and more experienced leaders may have simply been too busy with the local affairs of their states to attend the Convention, which had originally been planned to strengthen the existing Articles of Confederation, not to write a constitution for a completely new national government.

1.) It is the Peoples’ duty Continue reading

Arguments FOR enforcement of the IX and X Amendment of the Constitution for the United States commonly referred to as “nullification”, “interposition”, and “republican” government.

American governments are instituted among Men for one purpose only and that is to protect three inherent Rights endowed to Men by their Creator; these being life, liberty, and individual property.  All government actions operating outside of these principles are contrary to and violate the republican form of government, not to mention the elephant in the room; excessive legislation creates bigger government.  

U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 1:

All legislative powers herein granted…”

The first five (5) words of the U.S. Constitution state specifically that all powers of the federal government are “granted”.  Granted by whom?  Granted by the People through the states, therefore the power to grant privileges and rescind privileges remains inherently in the People and the states in perpetuity, regardless of contrary actions taken on the part of and declared to be law Continue reading

QUESTIONS and CONCERNS on Private School Vouchers

I am concerned about the un-intended consequences of helping lower income families send their children to private k-12 campuses, over the long term.

  • Who will decide who gets a voucher?
    • The elected government body?
      • TX Legislators
      • County Appraiser
      • Local ISD Board
    • Some appointed/unelected bureaucrat?
      • State appointed Board
      •  County appointed board
      • Local appointed board
  • Will vouchers be offered to all children ages 4 through 18?

Why the Constitution Matters

Article VI:  This Constitution,… shall be the supreme law of the land;

What will America look like when then Constitution is enforced, again?

Most high school students understand the basic rules in an NFL game, and some are willing to draw blood over a “bad” call by an NFL referee; yet most Americans don’t know the basic rules in the Constitution outside of the 3 branches of government.   What will America look like if just half of America’s NFL fans know as much about the pocket sized rule book for our republican government  (34 pages) as they do about the NFL Rule Book (120 pages)?  What will America look like when Continue reading

Vote for all the Republican judicial candidates for these reasons…

I’m sharing a good email from David Evans, Republican candidate for Texas Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 2 …


I write to urge you to support the entire conservative, Republican ticket from top to bottom. Specifically, to vote for all the Republican judicial candidates for these reasons.

My opponent told the Dallas Morning News that Democrats have Continue reading