More on DPS Collecting Fingerprints

Here’s a thought that just occurred to me yesterday. Do you remember a bill that passed last year (HB 698)? I lobbied against it, but most of the sheeple thought it was a good idea. The bill expanded the collection of digital fingerprints by DPS for CHL applicants. Now everyone can submit digital fingerprints within 25 miles of their home. The “fiscal impact” statement says

“No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. It is assumed the costs of implementing the provisions of the bill could be absorbed within existing resources.”

You know what that means – the feds are supplying the equipment through grants.

I will never ask permission to defend myself. CHLs are for one purpose – the collection of arms when the government wants to do that. We’ve got to wake up!

I am beginning to see how powerful the DPS is. It’s alarming.

Please call your legislator and say:

“I want Representative _ _ _ _ and Senator _ _ _ to contact the Texas Attorney General immediately and demand that the Attorney General issue an order to the Department of Public Safety to promptly cease collection of all 10 fingerprints from persons applying for new driver licenses, renewal driver licenses, and I.D. cards, at least until the 84th Texas Legislature convenes and can address this issue through statute.
The Texas Department of Public Safety is violating Texas law. They are collecting full sets of fingerprints – all 10 digits – against legislative intent of the following Texas bills passed:

– 1967 HB 354 (60th Legislature) – Added thumbprints or index fingerprints (if a thumb was not available) requirement to application for original or renewal driver license
– 1995 SB 1252 (74th Legislature) – Extended thumbprints or index fingerprint requirement to application for duplicate driver license and personal identification certificate
– 2005 HB 2337 (79th Legislature) – Established the Image Verification System – requiring DPS to authenticate the facial image and thumbprints or fingerprint provided by an applicant”

More info on these bills can be found here: