Levin’s Convention of the States is More Smoke & Mirrors

Mark Levin’s latest book is the hope & change for the GOP that Sen. Barack Obama was to the Democrats in 2008. It’s troubling to see how easily a desperate people can be fooled into more hope & change.

Reasons to oppose Levin’s convention are numerous. Her are five of them: Continue reading

Texas Legislators are filing bills – NOW!

Please begin looking at the bills being filed in Austin, to get a feel for how our legislators are/are not pushing back against federal encroachment (nullification of unconstitutional actions).

 1.) go to the Texas Legislature online main page: http://www.legis.state.tx.us/Home.aspx

2.)  middle column, under Additional Searches…click on “Reports

 3.) click on  General Reports” tab

 4.) “Legislature Based” – make the dropdown menu read “83rdR-2012

 5.) Click on the chamber you want to look at – “Filed House Bills” -or- “Filed Senate Bills