All Laws Must Pass the Constitutional Test

All legislative matters, the conduct and actions of government officials, and the enforced ordinances and laws which restrict human activity, should pass the three question test:

1.) Is it “constitutional”?Constitutional TEST_2
(Supports the constitutional republic)

2.) Is there a need?
(Do all the People have a need for and benefit from the proposed government intervention?)

3.) Affordability?
(Can the People afford it? Is the cost equal and uniform?)

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Legislation; What Are the Consequences?

Legislation; What Are the Consequences?

1.      What is the purpose of Legislation?

2.      Do we have enough or too much legislation?

3.      How many laws do I violate every day, without my knowledge?

Legislation is nothing more than an activity that increases the size/scope, and cost to operate government with the sole purpose of restricting human activity and funding more government.

Think about it. Every piece of legislation mandates the following actions, (unless the legislation specifically repeals and does not replace previous laws):

  1. Restricts human activity
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